What is this website about??


We have to save the Bees!

The enviroment and her natural workers are out friends! When it comes to insects, bugs and all living creatures who help facilitate our day to day lives, we should not be passive. The Honey bee not only produces honey for our consumption, but they pollunate most plants in the United States and the world. Plants are what help our ecosystems thrive, give us oxygen and allow us to continue to grow crops and enjoy life. Without the Bees, it would be a very terrible time. The problem is Government and bg business only care about the money aspect! It is up to us little guys to defend the littler guys! Pesticides and advanced farming techniques are responsible for most of the Bee drop, and the only way to stop it is to make our voices heard!


Did you know?

  1. Bees are known indicators for the health of the environment. When something is wrong with the bees, something is wrong with the environment!
  2. It is believed that bees first appeared about 130 million years ago, along with the first flowering plants
  3. Only female honey bees can sting, the males (drones) are not able to
  4. If the queen honey bee is removed from the hive, within 15 minutes, the rest of the colony knows about it!
  5. Honey bees account for nearly 80% of crop pollination in the United States of America


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