In the 2015/2016 years, bee keepers nation wide have lost 44% of bees*


Thanks to modern agriculture, pesticides and global climate change, our beloved bee population has been on the decline in recent years. While they are known for their very important role in creating honey, bees also, in the process, pollinate our plants. They are the very foundation to why flowers, fruit trees and vegetable crops bloom every spring and provide us with oxygen, food and a healthy environment.

  • The growth of over 4,000 vegetables depends on the essential work of pollinators
  • Bees pollinate vegetables like zucchini, fruits like apricot, nuts like almonds, spices like coriander, edible oils like canola, etc. 
  • If the bees die off, so will a substantial portion of all of our flora 
  • The economic value of bees’ pollination  has been estimated around € 265 billion annually, worldwide.


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